The village of BunyolaTHE CHARM OF TRADITION

A walk through BunyolaA MOUNTAIN VILLAGE

Bunyola is a beautiful village in Serra de Tramuntana, and is the capital of the municipality of the same name. Strolling through the streets of Bunyola is an experience in itself.

Cobbled alleys, stairways, picturesque facades, backdrop of mountains... Everything in Bunyola invites you to lose yourself and completely disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the island’s capital, which, curiously enough, is only 30 minutes away.



Bunyola Tarjeta


There are certain places you can't miss on your walk around Bunyola. One of them is the town square, Sa Plaça, a place brimming with life where the Town Hall and the Church of San Mateo are located, as well as some of the bars and restaurants of Bunyola.

Bunyola Tarjeta


Every Wednesday and Saturday the town's main square is filled with stalls from local farmers and artisans. You'll find all kinds of local produce at Bunyola market, including fruit, vegetables, oil and handicrafts.

Bunyola Tarjeta

Pujadors de Bunyola

In the upper part of the village you'll discover the 'pujadors' of Bunyola, stone steps that have become part of the village's cultural heritage and are perfect for strolling and enjoying the views over the village and its rooftops.

Bunyola Tarjeta


If you are looking for the most beautiful views of the whole village, just head to the end of the street Calle de Orient and enjoy the beauty of the landscape.


Sóller Train

The famous Sóller train, an old wooden railway that runs through the most charming villages on the island of Majorca, passes through the village of Bunyola. From the small station of Bunyola you can travel back in time on a vintage train and explore the Serra de Tramuntana, a World Heritage Site.

Bunyola GardensMAGICAL SPOTS

A few minutes from the centre of Bunyola, you'll discover two wonderful gardens: the Alfàbia Gardens and the Finca de Raixa. Both contain myriad charming corners that you can't miss the chance to photograph.


Alfàbia Gardens

A wonderful set of houses and gardens with great historical value that have been visited by such illustrious characters as Queen Isabel II of Spain.

In the Alfàbia Gardens you'll find palm trees, ponds with water lilies, fountains, pergolas as well as a variety of architectural styles (Arabic, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque), all in perfect harmony with the landscape.


Finca de Raixa

The magical gardens, the monumental staircase, the large pond, the panoramic views, the charming maze... A tour of Raixa cannot be put into words.

You can also visit the inside of the property and discover what life was like in Raixa centuries ago: the mill, the oil store, the stables, the master's house...

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