Tradition and culture OF BUNYOLA

History and traditionOF OUR VILLAGE

Bunyola is notable for its history, culture and tradition. Every year different festivities take place in the municipality ,in which the most deeply-rooted customs of the island of Majorca are revived and commemorated.

Particularly noteworthy are the Festival of San Mateo and the Santa Catalina Fair, undoubtedly the most important in the municipality. Discover the local festivities in Bunyola.

Come and celebrate Bunyola


On 21st of September, the whole of Bunyola dresses up. On this date, the Festival of Patron Saint San Mateo takes place, filling the town's streets with excitement and all kinds of celebrations, from exhibitions, concerts and street parties to children's activities.

Underwear raceSEPTEMBER

Traditions continue to be founded in Bunyola. A few years ago a group of young people started a new tradition: a race in their underwear. Today this race has become a popular competition all over the island.

Santa CatalinaNOVEMBER

At the end of November the inhabitants of Bunyola celebrate the day of Santa Catalina. On this day, the municipality's Gigantes y Cabezudos (a typical part of many Spanish festivals, roughly translated as 'Giants and Big-Heads') take centre stage with their typical dances.

Mountain FairNOVEMBER

On the occasion of the Santa Catalina festivities, the streets of Bunyola are filled with markets selling 100% ecological products and handicrafts. This is known as the Fira de Muntanya (Mountain Fair).

Sant AntoniJANUARY

In Bunyola, on the first Sunday after Sant Antoni (Saint Anthony's Day), the Beneïdes are celebrated. The village's streets are filled with animals and floats that circulate in procession waiting to be blessed.

Es QuarteróJANUARY

This festivity has been celebrated in Bunyola since time immemorial to close the harvest season. Every year, one of Bunyola's beautiful estates welcomes the villagers to enjoy a traditional meal accompanied by music and dance.

Mare de Déu de les NeusAUGUST

The first weekend in August is the parish festival of Mare de Déu de les Neus, in honour of the town's co-patron saint. Several events take place, including concerts by young performers, liturgies, popular dances, and more.

Diumenge de l’ÀngelMARCH/APRIL

The first Sunday after Easter is the Diumenge de l'Àngel, a festival that honours the protector of agriculture. The inhabitants of Bunyola go to the Alfàbia Gardens to enjoy the last of the Easter panades, typical Majorcan pastries.

Diumenge del RamMARCH/APRIL

Diumenge del Ram is celebrated in style in Bunyola. On this date, the villagers take to the streets to welcome the procession with olive branches, which portrays the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem and marks the beginning of Holy Week.

Christmas festivitiesDECEMBER/JANUARY

During the Misa del Gall, the Song of the Sybil is performed in the church of Bunyola, a Majorcan tradition recognised as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. On Christmas Eve, the youngest children eagerly await the parade of the Three Wise Men.

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